How will sports camp look different this year?

All of the same fun sport will still be happening this year.  A few sports will be modified to try and remove direct physical contact between children. Smaller cohorts will also be made to help promote physical distancing.

Will my child be required to wear a mask indoors?  What about outdoors?

Mask will be required during all indoor activities.  During outdoor activities mask are not required but it is up to the discretion of you and your child if they want to wear one.  All mask must be either a paper surgical mask or a cloth mask with two or more layers and must go around ears to cover the nose and chin.  No bandanas, scarves, or mask with vents are permitted.

Will staff and volunteers be required to wear a mask?  What about outdoors?

All staff and volunteers are required to wear a mask indoors and when in proximity with any campers.  Staff and volunteers aren’t required to wear a mask outside and it is up to their discretion if they should be wearing one.

How will I be notified if my child is exposed to COVID-19 at camp?

If COVID exposure occurs at a camp, parents will be contacted through the contact information provided and will be informed of the exposure and the next steps for the camp.

Will I need to pre-screen my child for symptoms before attending camp?

All campers will be required to complete daily screening and temperature checks.  You will either be required to fill out the screening online before attending the camp or during the sign in process.

Will leaders be required to pre-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before attending camp?

All SU staff will be tested before the beginning of camp and intermittently throughout the duration of the camp.  All staff and volunteers will be required to complete daily screening and temperature checks before the start of each day.

What public health guidelines are directing your decisions?

The camps are following the Ontario Ministry of Health COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for: Day Camps.  The full set of guidelines can be found at https://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/publichealth/coronavirus/docs/2019_summer_day_camps_guidance.pdf.  The guidelines are checked regularly to ensure all guidelines and procedures are up to date.

How will good hand hygiene be encouraged?

Children will be encouraged to wash their hands before and after every nutrition break and between activities.  Hand sanitizer will be provided for children to use.

How many people will my camper be exposed to?

Camp sizes will range from 20+ children with additional staff and volunteers.  Children will be placed in cohorts which will limit exposure to the children directly in the cohort, the volunteer leading the cohort, and the staff coaches running the activities.

Will my child need to be physically distanced from others in their cohort?

Physical distancing will be encouraged during the indoor portions of the camp and during nutrition breaks.

Will my camper come into contact with other cohorts?  How will cohorts be separated?

Cohorts will be separated by age and will not interact with other cohorts.

When and where will I drop off and pick up my child?

Pick up and drop offs will occur outside of the church or facility.  All registrations and signing out will also occur outside in the pickup and drop off area.

How will sports equipment and surfaces be cleaned?

Sports equipment and surfaces will be disinfected at the beginning and end of the day and every time the cohorts rotate activities.  They will be sprayed and wiped at the beginning and end of the day and sprayed down between activities.

How will you ensure COVID-19 safety during nutrition breaks and other mealtimes?

The campers will be encouraged to wash their hands before and after any mealtimes and nutrition breaks.  Nutrition breaks will occur outside, weather permitting, to ensure physical distancing is possible and cohorts will be separated during the breaks to ensure the is no cross-cohort contact.\

What happens if a camper develops symptoms of COVID-19 while at camp?

If a camper develops COVID-19 symptoms during the camp, the child and any siblings will be isolated and their parents will be contacted to come and pick them up.



Where is the camp located?

SU Camps are held at churches and schools across Ontario. Find the camp nearest you by visiting our locations page.

Are there extended hours?

Each location has their own times and decides if they are able to offer extended hours. Find your location and check their page for details.

What is included in the cost?

In addition to a full week of fun, every camper receives a t-shirt, water bottle, camper playbook, Bible and Kisko freezies (twice a day).

How do I register?

Each camp location has their own registrar – go to the Locations page to find a specific camp for more details.

What is the online refund policy?

For cancellations made to online registration prior to June 1, 50% of total fees are refunded. For cancellations made after June 1, the full registration fee is non-refundable unless, and only when, a medical certificate is provided. There is no adjustment in fees for partial attendance and no substitutions are permitted.

What do camp arrivals and departures look like?

Safety is an important part of SU Camps – so every camper must be signed in and out by a parent/guardian. Please let the sign-in team know if another authorised individual will be signing your child in or out.

What are the ages? 

Please check your camp location for ages. While we love kindergarteners – experience has shown they’re a little too young for a full day of sports camp. Children must be going into grade 1 in the fall to be eligible to attend camp.

What if my child only wants to play one sport?

SU Camps are multi-sport. We understand some kids may favour one sport over  others – but we’ve rarely had a kid not enjoy trying “new” sports. Studies have shown that developing skills in multiple sports as a child is greatly beneficial for athletes.

My child has played a sport for several years, will they still enjoy learning the basics?

Every year at camp we have children with varying skill levels. Our coaches are trained in spotting higher skill levels and working alongside them to improve their skills (and they are often used in demonstrations). Going back to the basics is actually really helpful for children. Whatever level your child is before camp, you will see them improve by the end of camp.

What does camp look like?

After a group warm-up game and stretching, campers divide into squads based on age ( to play against others their age) and rotate between the sports. After the sports sessions, we have “Team Talk” which includes a big group and small group time – during which we talk about the greatest coach ever, Jesus. SU Camp traditions are a big part of camp too – look out for ACE (Attitude, Concentration and Effort) awards, SU Jumping Jacks, Camp Cup awards, squad challenges, Pick-a-Box, and much more!

What do I need to send with my child to camp?

  • SU t-shirt (provided on first day of camp)
  • water bottle (provided on first day of camp)
  • hat/cap
  • sunscreen
  • running shoes
  • swimsuit and towel (on water fun day)
  • lunch and snacks (freezies are provided twice a day)
  • backpack
  • medication → for more information on medical stipulations, click here

*SU and its partners do not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items. Please clearly label everything with your child’s name and do not allow your child to bring phones, jewelry, etc. to camp.

Additional Questions?

Contact us – camp@scriptureunion.ca